Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Nobel Prize in Literature 2015 goes to Svetlana Alexievich

Congratulations, Svetlana!

Svetlana Alexievich is the first non-fiction author to win the Nobel Prize in Literature. 

She is basically an investigative journalist, but invents a new genre where journalism elevates to literature without any active effort from the writer. She practically does not write anything off her head. She simply gets her real-life characters  - mostly victims of man-made catastrophes -to share their horrifying experiences in their authentic voices. Her role as a writer is to transcribe them accurately without altering anything in the text.

Read her Voices from Chernobyl.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Nobel Prize in Literature 2015: Tomorrow is the day

Stevlana Alexivich is down to 3/1 at Ladbrokes.  But I doubt she's going to win it. But if she wins, she would be the first non-fiction writer to ever win it. 

Jon Fosse is stuck at 10/1. I don't see him winning.

Ngugi at 6/1. This is the last year for Ngugi. 

Murakami, though at 6/1, has no chance.

Two big moves by Don DeLillo (from 50 to 20) and Nuruddin Farah( from 50 to 20).

I see a new name - both at Ladbrokes and Nicerodds --Maryse Conde. I don't know about her. Who is she?

I'm hoping for a news leak to happen at the last moment. Like last year when Patrick Modiano's name figured in the list all of a sudden.

Will it also be a surprise winner this year?

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